Monday, May 10, 2010

Today’s Question: Season Finales

Since I started talking about what shows are coming to an end, and how we wish we could bring some of them back, here’s a related question:

What was your favorite season finale?

We’ll cover series finales tomorrow, so hold that thought, unless it really was your favorite. I’m talking about Ending One Season, Can’t Wait Three Months for the Next One finales, here.

After some thought, I’d have to say that “Supernatural” probably does this better than just about any other show:

First Season: Everyone is dead!
Second Season: They won! Except a bunch of demons are now free, and Dean only has a year to live!
Third Season: Dean dies, and goes to hell!
Fourth Season: The devil is let of his cage!

I’ll give it up and say that season three was the big “Must See What Comes Next!” for me.

(And why not? Special mention to Buffy season 3, which ended with action, love, and heartbreak.)

How about it?

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