Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Favorite TV Show: With Guest Blogger Zoe Lauren Thomas

Zoe Lauren Thomas may very well be the world’s number one fan of “Cold Case.” Not only does she run Perfect Case, a “Cold Case” fan site, with three other women, she also runs Kathryn Morris and Danny Pino fan pages on Facebook.

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Take it away, Zoe:

My favorite TV show is Cold Case.

The show revolves around Lilly Rush, a detective who investigates unsolved murders from the recent and not-so-recent past. Kathryn Morris does an amazing job portraying Rush's character – from matching her appearance to her emotions, to acting out scenes with full concentration and commitment. Kathryn Morris has been around for many years, but this would have to be her best role yet! She is an amazing actress who has not been given any credit for her outstanding acting, which is a shame.

Danny Pino, the lead actor who plays Scotty Valens, also never seems to get any credit for his talent, even when he plays such an amazing role – and a completely different person than his actual self.

What else is good about it?

Whether it be the dramatic flashbacks into the past, or the heartfelt confrontations with the killer, or even the slight moments of anger from one of the detectives in an interrogation, nothing will pull your eyes away from the screen. Never have I seen such brilliant acting from a cast – or such wonderfully written storylines.

I advise everyone to take some time to check out this fantastic show. From the moment I watched the first episode, I was captivated and no other show on TV can compare with this one. I'm sure you will feel the same when you check it out!

Cold Case runs Sundays on CBS.


  1. Zoey, your so cute! Ahaha!
    I agree with you 100%! They are all incredible actors, that get little attention/credit which they SO deserve.

  2. YAY!! Job well done Zoe! Congratulations :)

  3. Cold case is my fav tv show aswell NO show beats it..,. I am a big fan

  4. :) Thanks Tianna. It was a pleasure writing for you Josh...Yep, it's an amazing show :)