Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Damages Season 3 Episode 6

Tom and his wife and the only other person we ever see at Patty’s firm talk about the fact that Tom and everyone else around them has lost a whole lot of money, and they need to cut costs. His wife is displeased with the whole conversation, and walks out.

Four Months Later: The two detectives discuss the now-dead Tom. They’ve figured out that Tom died two hours after Patty got hit by Tom’s car. So Tom might be the driver.


Now! Tom and Patty talk to a judge about the fact that they seem to be looking for hidden money that isn’t there. The judge warns them that if they don’t get more money soon, they’ll be off the case.

Tom and Patty leave, and talk about Alex, the new hopeful-hire. Patty says she can’t think about Alex right now. She wants to know where Danielle’s daughter went. And what else happened on Thanksgiving.

Ellen and Gates talk about Danielle’s mysterious death. They can’t think of any reason Tobin’s family would have killed Danielle, which probably proves they aren’t all that great at their jobs. They decide to investigate Tobin’s death first, starting with the guy Joe punched.

In his office, Winstone hands Joe a gun, since Joe is going to meet Stewart.

Patty goes to see Sterling, one of the many people she’s put behind bars. She wants to remodel her apartment, and asks for the name of his architect. And to ask him about Tobin and his missing fortune.

He offers to help, but he wants a conjugal visit in return.

Patty brings Alex into her office, and gives her an assignment. Patty asks Alex if she’s ever been to prison.

Joe takes the Subway to the last stop on the line, as directed by Stewart via Winstone. Stewart’s flunky greets Joe on the train. And then, here comes Stewart, an older fellow around Tobin’s age.

Joe wants Stewart to show him the money.

In the office, Tom tells Patty he’s got to go to his kid’s school and talk about what it’s like being a lawyer.

Ellen, Gates, and another guy on the Tobin case talk about the guy Joe assaulted. He won’t talk without an attorney present. His attorney is Patty.

Tom goes to his daughter’s school, and ends up sitting behind… the guy who invested his money. Which is all gone now.

Alex goes to see Sterling. She starts unzipping her boot.

Ellen and pals interrogate Joe’s assault victim with Patty there.

Everyone leaves, except for Ellen. Patty asks her to stay. Ellen admits that Gates is getting desperate to put someone behind bars for something.

Patty also asks Ellen what Ellen thinks of Alex. Ellen says that Alex is talented and dedicated, but implies she doesn’t like Alex very much.

And now it’s time for Tom to present “What it’s Like to Be a Lawyer.” He basically says he wanted to be a lawyer because he understands the value of rules.

Alex goes back to Patty’s firm and tries to get up to see Patty, but Patty calls down and says she’s busy and doesn’t want to see Alex.

Alex leaves.

Joe gets a call on his cell phone, and he’s told to go to 117th Street and 1st Ave.

At her office, Ellen leads her team to the “Tobin killed himself” theory.

On the street, Joe is directed to talk to a woman. He gets a key. He opens box 17, and there’s a dry cleaning slip in it.

Patty goes to visit Sterling in prison. He describes Alex as “delightful.” He directs Patty to the Caribbean. He thinks Patty will find the money there.

Meanwhile, Joe goes to the dry cleaner and hands in his slip. In return, he gets a massive box and the directions to thank Stewart.

Patty gets a phone call at home, and meets with Stewart’s architect. Turns out it’s the guy who hit on her at the start of the season. He thinks the beauty of the living space is actually behind the walls. They need to be torn out. Patty says she’ll be in touch.

Joe takes the box to Winstone. Inside the box? A coat. And directions to give the coat to Joe’s mom. He and Winstone decide to send it back.

Tom speaks to his father-in-law. Because his in-laws lost it all, they don’t have the money to pay their insurance premiums, and Tom’s mother-in-law has medical issues that need to be dealt with.

Four Months Later: Ellen goes to Tom’s place. She knocks. No answer. She tries the door, and gets in. Tom has a bag of money for Ellen. Ellen asks if Patty knows about it. Tom says don’t worry about Patty.

And then we see Patty’s car crash again.

Now! Turns out, Tobin’s money IS in the Caribbean, but none of the Tobin family members handled it.

Tom gets a call from his daughter, which makes Patty unhappy.

Ellen and crew go to visit Tobin’s doctor. They ask about his elevated potassium levels. The doctor says that’s normal. Then they show the doctor Danielle’s death record. Same elevated levels.

The doctor claims he explained the potassium death trick to Tobin, but didn’t give him anything to kill himself with. He also admits that Danielle could have died that way, but he really, really didn’t have anything to do with that.

Alex goes to see Ellen, to talk about Patty again. And we get more of Alex in prison. It seems she smuggled some caviar in. And that’s it.

Ellen says Alex should run away.

Stewart meets his flunky, and they determine they don’t trust Joe, since he didn’t give the coat to his mom.

Tom goes to his daughter’s recital, and the evil investor that lost all his money is there, talking about things like his private jet. The man gets a phone call, and Tom follows him out of the concert.

Tom confronts him about the fact that all his money is gone. It devolves into a fistfight.

Alex calls Ellen. Alex got the job. Ellen seems vaguely emotional about this.

Joe goes home to his hotel room. Stewart and his flunky are there. They want the coat. Stewart explains the fur was for Joe’s mom. The flunky tells Joe to look in the bottom dresser drawer. There’s a case there. With money in it.

Tom calls Patty from the airport. It seems that Danielle’s daughter is a flight attendant for a private airline.

Four Months Later: The detectives go to check out Tom’s car. They open the trunk. Ellen and Tom’s bag of money is in there.

Now! Tom tells his lawyer buddy he’s going to get his money back, and not tell Patty about the lost cash.

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