Monday, March 1, 2010

Cold Case: Two Weddings

I’ve got my pity on for Noah Bean this week, as he once again ends up on a show where he breaks off his engagement, then dies horribly.

While having a first name that begins with a letter D.

Of course, last time this happened, it was on Damages, and he got something like 15 episodes worth of work out of it. This time, it’s one and done.

He seems to be working his way backwards through the alphabet. So perhaps next time he plays a D the show will start with a B? David on “Damages,” Dan on “Cold Case”… Darius on “Breaking Bad?”

I’m over-thinking this.

Also featured in this episode was Rachel Miner, who took a couple of guest turns on my favorite TV show of the moment, “Supernatural.” And man, if they didn’t do nice work as the fiancé and the bride-to-be he leaves the night before the wedding.

I enjoyed the fact that “Cold Case” took a trip (mostly) of the office tonight, putting all the men in nice suits and/or tuxes and Lilly into a fetching dress that made me wonder where she pulled her badge from, when she flashed it at the bride.

And what’s the mystery? Well, it seems that Louie, who’s appeared in a few episodes of “Case” over the years, is getting married to Anna, who was going to marry Dan just two short years ago.

Unfortunately, he took a long tumble off a balcony and ended up dead… shortly after breaking off their engagement.

The crew catches a whiff of this and decide to make the wedding a working one – which gives them a chance to scope out a drunken father of the bride, a bitter mother of the bride, a skanky sister of the bride, the new groom, Dan’s business partner, and Anna herself (whew!).

I have to admit, I was sort of hoping it was going to be the caterer, who did it because he was all bitter about the fact that he lost the job just when he needed it. Wouldn’t that have been a great twist?

Probably not as good as the one they came up with.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything to dislike about the episode. It broke from the usual format a touch, but it made for a nice entrance point for anyone who wanted to try out the show in its new time slot.

And there was a lot of good to be had. The white sheep daughter in a family of off-white sheep was maybe a little cliché, and Dan’s problems seem a little obvious, until you get to the surprisingly touching ending.

I even got a solid chuckle as our intrepid detectives managed to make it through a whole scene undercover, only to get outed a little later in the episode.

As “Cold Case” eases into what is probably its home stretch, it’s nice to see them change things up a little bit.

And hey: Lilly caught the bouquet. A nice moment, to be sure.

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