Monday, March 29, 2010

Cold Case: The Last Drive-In

What’s there to say when you’re only watching one-half of a show?

In this instance, “Cold Case” is in two parts, with the second half arriving next week and saying howdy-do. So while we’ve got a plot, and a fun one, it’s hard to talk about without a resolution.

So, the So Far.

The Good, So Far:

It seems like the back half of this season has been about shaking things up as much as possible, and this episode has been no exception. Generally, there’s a lot of “take this guy into a room and grill him” sequences, and up to this point, there hasn’t been a ton of that. Everyone’s in the dark, so there’s not a lot in the way of flashbacks.

(Don’t get me wrong, they’re in there, but they aren’t as prevalent.)

It’s kind of fun to stick a new element into the world of “Cold Case” just to see what’ll happen, and the somewhat rogue-y FBI agent has certainly been a new element. Though I’m not sure I’m a big fan of the character. More on that in a second.

And finally, assuming the middle twist is really what it is, it should be fun watching this conclude. And if that isn’t the real ending, then by gum, I’m super-excited to see how things shake out.

The Bad:

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the somewhat racist, super-casual-about-bedmates FBI character. I recognize that doing this with a woman as opposed to a man is something of a change-up in TV writing (the male version is pretty prevalent – see Winstone on “Damages”). But we don’t have much else to go on with this character, which doesn’t make her all that entertaining to be around.

But we’ll wait until next week before passing final judgment.

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