Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Wanna?

Without a doubt, is one of my very favorite Web sites.


A quick story.

In 2002, I was planning on traveling to Australia to see the first movie I wrote projected on the big screen with the director, producer, and some of the stars.

The only problem was, I didn’t know anyone who had ever flown to Australia. So I booked my ticket, a couple of months went by, and then I found this site, which includes:

So You Wanna Plan a Trip to Australia?

(Note: The page I used back in the day now links to an article. What can I say? Things change on the Internet.)

At any rate, I read through every page, and I discovered, to my shock, that a trip to Australia requires special paperwork. Paperwork I had not filed.

So I found the paperwork, filled it out, and had a safe and happy and uninterrupted flight.

Since then, I’ve gone back in search of information on cheap flights, used cars, and even learned a thing or two about becoming a paparazzi.

If you’re looking for interesting information, or just plain love to learn things, this site will keep you busy for weeks.

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