Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy “Lost” Day!

Kind of ironic that the final season of “Lost” begins during a month where a day frequently goes missing?

Since delight! magazine’s heading reads “Show & Sites Worth Sharing,” how can we not take a moment to acknowledge “Lost,” a show that encourages people to dive deep into it’s mythology?

So here are a few links that fans might have missed:

First, ABC’s Lost page. You might know it’s there already, but you might not know everything that’s available. Did you know there are full episodes available online? Why not have a little marathon of ‘sodes while waiting for the show to start tonight?

Second, a very long interview with the show’s producers.

Third, the 815 crash in real time. Where everyone was in the moments the flight was going down. It’s presented “24” style, so you don’t miss a single second.


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