Monday, February 22, 2010

Cold Case: Metamorphosis

Because people are busy, and I know that we live in a DVR culture, I try to keep these write-ups somewhat spoiler-free, so I won’t tell you just who was in cahoots with whom. But even if you figure out this week’s villain, I have my doubts that you’ll figure out the why, until you get to the big reveal.

I will say this: If you’ve ever seen the movie “Clue” on video, there’s a good chance you remember the “ultimate” ending – the one where we learn that someone is undercover.

That person, when asked who’s responsible for all the murders, declares, “They all did it!”

And we’ve got a case like that here, too.

This is not to say that everyone in this episode is on the take, but after the shrunken mystery of last week, it was nice to get a few more suspects thrown into the mix, just because it keeps things a little more interesting.

There was another nice touch this week that I also enjoyed – the person who brought in the case, a self-professed psychic, had a nice moment where she reassured Scotty that his mom was going to be okay… and that he might not be.

There were, of course, your usual twists and turns besides that, and as I was watching I couldn’t help but think of the recent New York Times bestseller, “Water for Elephants.” If you enjoyed this peek under the big top at all, I highly recommend the book – from which they probably pulled the circus term: First of May.

(The First of May is when most circuses start their season – hence, “Novice Performer.”)

What else was good? Well, the surprisingly quick wrap-up to the Moe storyline caught me by surprise, but I felt it was logical and fair. Since no one on Lilly’s team was going to be doing the investigating, it’s doubtful that the show could have pulled too much drama out of the murder without either making Lilly into a character you probably didn’t like, grounding her character totally, or putting to little mention of the ongoing investigation into every episode that you’d half-forget about it.

I think that if “Cold Case” got another season, they could do something really interesting with it, but with a limited number of episodes to wrap things up, there just isn’t time.

And finally, I don’t think I can bring my thoughts to a close without mentioning the fact that they used a whole bunch of music by The Doors in this particular ‘sode. I thought it accomplished three things very nicely. 1) It put you right into the 70s, and held you there, hard, during the circus scenes. More than anything else, it gave you an era. 2) The show’s use of “People are Strange” was nothing short of eerie. I’m sure that was the point. And 3) It kept the show away from circus music which, by definition, doesn’t really make you think murder.

All in all, a solid week. What say you?

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