Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I Learned from The Dog Whisperer: Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper

Generally when I talk about “The Dog Whisperer,” I like to do a little summary of the episode, but I’m going to let the last be first, and give you:

Cesar Millan’s 6 Step Plan for Walking Your Dog

Take a deep breath.
Stay calm.
Set the pace.
Pick up speed.
Face your obstacles.
Get in the zone.

So if you always wanted to know that, there you are.

As for the rest of the episode, it could probably have been called: Dogs Get Excited, So You Shouldn’t.

The quick version goes like this:

We’ve got three dogs, and three different owners. The dogs are Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper.

As usual, Cesar put them all through their paces, and as Cesar says at the head of each episode: “I train people.”

In this case, that’s really all he did. Faced with three dogs who get excited too easily, and sometimes get aggressive when they get excited, Cesar trained the owners to calm down. Which made the dogs calm down.

(Cesar even said as much in the episode. When one owner said she was learning to calm her dog, Cesar replied, “No, we learned how to calm YOU down.”)

Though the “Coming up next” always tries to make the episode look like it’s going to turn into a blood-fest, all in all this was a calm episode about calming people down.

The money quote though, came from the second family. When watching the show, she always said to herself: “It’s obvious. What are people thinking?” She then apologized to everyone who has ever been on the program.

I suspect just about everyone on the show feels the same way.

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