Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Damages Season 3, Episode 2

I have to say, I’m getting the feeling they decided to clean a few slates on this season. We’re into the second episode already, and with 2/13 of the season wrapped up, it seems obvious that they’re just going to let a lot of the storylines from last season vanish, never to return.

To wit: There’s been some mention of the people from the last case, but unlike Arthur in season 2, we’re not seeing any of those characters come back.

Also, with two episodes down, there’s been no reference to Wes, to reference to tracking down who killed David, and even Michael appears to be gone, with little chance he’ll return.

I get that having all those stories carry into this season makes it tough to pull in new viewers, but at the moment, I feel like I’m watching a show that used to juggle seven balls at once suddenly decide to juggle just one ball, and it isn’t as impressive.

Episode 2

Episode 2 on The Onion AV Club

As we begin, Joe is talking to Tobin, his dad, about the fact that the money is out there. “Enough for generations,” is what Tobin says. Joe says he could tell Patty about it and clear his name. Tobin says that Joe will have to choose between family or Patty.

Patty calls the cell phone that the Homeless Guy picked up. Patty gives Homeless Guy her name.

Six Months Later: The Detective talks to the Homeless Guy. He asks HG if he knows Tom, and presents him with a picture of the dead Tom.


Now! Patty and Phil and their lawyers negotiate the terms of their divorce. Patty wants the apartment. Patty is harsh with Phil, and says she has nothing to hide. Phil says he wishes he could ask Ray about that. Negotiations break down.

Tom says he found someone who is willing to talk – the homeless guy.

Joe talks to Winstone. Winstone says he didn’t know about the money. And that Tobin is going to jail. Joe says he’s going to tell the truth, and get the money back for the investors. Then he gets a phone call from his wife. His apartment was just seized.

Tom takes the Homeless Guy to find out where HG got the cell phone. HG takes Tom to his special Dumpster, where he says he finds a lot of great stuff. It’s the same place they’re going to find Tom’s body, in about six months.

HG shows Tom some other stuff, and Tom tries to buy some boots. HG says he wants Tom’s watch.

At Ellen’s work, one of her co-workers hits on Ellen.

Joe meets with his wife. It seems they have 24 hours to get out of the apartment. She wants to take their kid to see her family, and get him out of the chaos.

Six Months Later: Homeless Guy looks at the picture of Tom, and says he was a good guy, and that they “helped” each other. HG is wearing Tom’s watch.

The Present! Patty and Tom talk. The boots belonged to Tobin. They were custom-made. Tobin also ordered a bunch of women’s clothing for someone with the initials D.M.M. That’s not his wife.

Later, Patty attempts to feed her dog, but the dog won’t eat.

Phil comes to visit Patty, and they talk about the dog. And a little about the apartment. But mostly about how the dog is depressed. Patty asks Phil to take care of the dog.

Elsewhere, Joe meets with a nice black man. It seems that Joe is in AA. He’s been missing meetings. After some vague discussion, the nice man tells Joe that if his family is the most important thing to Joe, then Joe should take care of them.

Tom meets with a guy named Roger. He asks about the initials D.M.M. Roger looks uncomfortable, and hands Tom a folder. Tom looks at it, and then tells Roger not to tell Patty about it.

It seems bad.

Six Months Later: The detectives talk about Tom being dead.

Now! Patty meets with Joe. Joe is angry that Patty has seized his home. Patty reminds him that the apartment was bought with dirty money. Joe offers information, but he wants his assets unfrozen.

Patty says she’s not here to make a deal.

Tom and Patty meet. Tom says that D.M.M. doesn’t mean anything that he can see.

Six Months Later: The detective presents Homeless Guy with Ellen’s “new” purse. And Ellen’s driver’s license. HG says they should be looking for Ellen. She and Tom had “a thing going on.”

Now! Tom and Ellen meet for coffee. He wants help with the Tobin case. Ellen says she can’t. Tom gives Ellen the D.M.M. initials. And says he’s not just asking as a friend.

Phil and his girlfriend play with the dog. She thinks Phil should demand the dog.

Joe and Tobin talk. Joe says he wants the money. He says from today on, Joe and Tobin don’t talk any more until the money is available. Joe also admits that he gave Patty the phone number.

Ellen meets with the flirty guy, and asks for help with the initials.

Six Months Later: Ellen finds out from Flirty Friend that Tom is dead.

Now: Patty brings Tom an envelope from the DA. They’ve got a name. Danielle.

Tom and Patty and Joe meet, and ask if Joe knows who Danielle is. Joe says: Nope.

Later that night, Ellen and Tom meet. They talk about the “file” Tom had earlier. Tom says Patty will pull him from the case.

Tom goes to his wife: They’ve lost everything. They were invested in Tobin, through a feeder company. So was pretty much Tom’s entire family.

Six Months Later: Ellen goes to see Tom’s wife. Ellen asks, “Who else knew about Tom and me?”

Now! Phil brings the dog back to Patty. Patty found some liquor they were saving for when Michael got into college. They debate what to do with it.

Joe talks to Tobin again, about Danielle. Joe wants to know where Danielle is. Danielle is staying at Joe’s sister’s old place. And she knows “nothing” about the money.

Tobin talks to Winstone. Tobin wants Danielle out of the country.

Phil and Patty drink. And argue. And flirt a little bit. Phil says Patty can have the apartment. And he wants one more thing: Another shot with Patty. Patty says she doesn’t need or want Phil any more.

Joe does some drinking and goes to see Danielle. He wants to know what happened. Danielle threatens to call the police, and Joe leaves. Did I mention he’s been drinking?

Patty and Tom talk: Danielle got an expedited passport. They need to get her soon.

Back at Danielle’s house, Joe gets ready to drive away. Danielle sees that her cat has escaped and runs out to get it. Joe puts the car in reverse, hits the gas, and smacks into Danielle. He gets out of his car and looks at her.

Six Months Later: The detective meets with Homeless Guy. Tom has three wounds. No word on the weapon yet. But none of the wounds were fatal. Tom drowned.

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