Wednesday, January 6, 2010

delight! January Giveaways

delight! has two enter-and-win giveaways on their Web site that you might have missed:

Watch and Win! For $500

1.) Click on the above link, watch a short video clip, and then click “Enter Now” for a chance to win $500.

2.) Read the online version of delight! magazine. Then, click the link below to take a short survey. You could win a $250 gift card.

$250 Shopping Spree Gift Card

Filling out these short surveys not only gives you a chance to win, it gives us a chance to learn what kind of TV shows and Web sites you love – and helps us to plan future issues around reader favorites.

Edit as of 12:00 CST: The Watch and Win! offer has been changed from free cable to $500 cash - so anyone can enter, regardless of whether they get the magazine in the mail or online.


  1. i only get delight on line so hoe can i enter these

  2. Anyone can enter - the free cable offer has been changed to $500 cash. Just click on the links and take the poll.

  3. If you want to fill in the survey about delight! to win the $250 VSIA card, you can read the digital magazine online at the following link.