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Damages Season 2 Episode 13

As we hit the last episode of the second season of “Damages,” it’s kind of fun to say: “Well, what DO they have to wrap up in 45 minutes?”

Here’s a quick list:

No one has even talked about taking Dave down for corruption.

Arthur is still roaming free, with his paperwork sitting in the DA’s office as a ticking time bomb.

Patty isn’t even close to touching Walter.

Tom is fired again.

We already know that Ellen shot Patty and is, once again, on her way to the clink.

No one has solved David’s murder.

No one has proved that the cops, in general, are corrupt.

Patty has yet to pay any kind of price for nearly getting Ellen killed.

Pete’s “killer” is still on the loose.

Phil and Patty haven’t even started their divorce process.

Finn hasn’t been approached by anyone for his crimes.

Patty is still pretty cranky about Michael’s girlfriend.

Rick is still out there, and stalking Ellen.

Ellen hasn’t figured out who Wes is or where the guy came from.

Have I mentioned I’m very, very curious to see season three? Which starts Monday?

Episode 13

Damages Season 2 Episode 13 on Television Without Pity

Now! Ellen pulls out the gun, and shoots Patty twice. And then the whole talk Patty and Ellen had plays in reverse, until Patty is at Ellen’s door.


Then: Patty and Walter and Walter’s new attorney meet with the Corrupt Judge. The fact that the GPS codes are inadmissible comes up – something that the judge reminds Patty of.

Patty gives Ellen the GPS codes. Ellen says they’ll be inadmissible. She asks if Patty has paid off the judge. She offers to do it for Patty, and Patty tells her no. Then she changes her mind, and tells Ellen to find out what the judge’s terms are.

Rick meets with Wes. Wes tells Rick that Ellen is alive and well. And Wes isn’t going to kill her. Wes walks away from Rick. He tells Rick, “Good luck finding me.”

Ellen meets with Tom. She tells Tom he’s better off, and warns Tom that if he tips Patty off, the Feds can still use everything they have against him.

Rick goes to visit Ellen’s hotel room. Ellen is singing in the shower. Rick walks in, and Ellen asks if it’s Wes. Wes says, “Yes!” and sticks a gun in the back of Rick’s head. He warns Rick that the next time he sees him, there won’t be a conversation.

Patty talks to Purcell, and asks if he really killed his wife. Purcell says he did. Patty still wants his help. Purcell tells Patty that Patty needs to forget her work and concentrate on her life.

Purcell also tells Patty to tell Michael that Michael doesn’t have to be like Patty and Purcell.

Ellen meets with the judge. The judge tells her that the bribe will go into his reelection campaign. He tells Ellen that Patty should contribute the usual amount.

Ellen talks to Patty, and tells Patty the judge wants “the usual.” Patty has decided she doesn’t like the judge idea so she goes to…

Talk to Finn. Finn is hopped up on nose candy when Patty comes to visit. She throws two names at Finn: Dave and Walter.

Dave seems to be the magic name.

Patty says, essentially, that she’ll make this offer once. Help her, or go to jail. Finn says he’ll take his chances.

Ellen goes to work, and Rick is there. Ellen kind of remembers him. Rick reminds Ellen where they met before.

Rick finally gives a name for Bad Cop: Elliot. Rick says Elliot has “vanished,” and he thinks someone might be trying to stonewall his investigation. Rick promises to keep looking into it, but they have to keep quiet.

Katie and Ellen meet with Wilcox, who says that Rick is legitimate. He has a sterling reputation.

They give Wilcox Elliot’s file.

Arthur calls his ex-wife, and tells her all about the building for his new company. And how he’s excited to see her and the kids.

Patty talks to Michael, and tells Michael that she read his college essay. And also, that all of Michael’s applications are still in his bedroom. She knows he never applied anywhere. Michael says he’s not going to college. He says Patty needs a man in her life, and she has no one left but him.

Walter and Dave talk. Dave is confident that things will be fine – because Patty is going to bribe the judge, at which point the FBI will nail Patty.

Finn arrives, and says he’s not happy about what Walter and Dave are doing. He says he wants a stake in the company, or he talks to Patty.

Pete’s wife finds a box in their closet. She finds a LOT of money, and also some files.

Ellen goes to visit Patty. Patty has just gotten a bunch of stuff from Pete’s wife. Ellen starts looking through the pictures, and finds a picture of Pete and the guy who tried to kill Ellen. Ellen asks who the other guy is, and Patty says she has no idea.

Ellen tells Wes that Patty is about to bribe a judge. Ellen is grumpy because all that will happen is Patty will go to jail for a couple of years.

Ellen asks if Wes still has the number of the guy who sells guns. She wants one for “protection.” Wes says he has the number, but that Wes would rather pick up the gun himself.

Jill and Michael go to Michael and Patty’s place. Patty is there. Jill stands around, feeling uncomfortable while Jill stands downstairs.

Michael goes up to his room – it’s empty. Patty tells Michael he doesn’t live here any more. All his stuff has been sent to Jill’s place.

Jill and Michael leave.

Later that night, Patty tries to sleep, but she hears music and laughter downstairs. She goes down to check it out, and there’s Phil. And Pete. And Michael. And Ray. And Tom. And Walter.

Ellen is in the kitchen. Ellen calls her in. Ellen tells Patty that everyone hates her: “Trust no one.”

Patty wakes up. She was asleep on the couch.

Patty calls Ellen.

Ellen comes to visit Patty. Patty tells Ellen what happened with Michael. She tells Ellen that the only people who have been loyal to her were Pete and Ellen. Patty tells Ellen that she wishes they didn’t have to bribe the judge.

Ellen asks if Patty is sure if they can trust the judge.

Patty says she doesn’t know if she can trust anyone. But Ellen thinks this is the only chance they’ll have to win the case.

Ellen meets with the Bad FBI guy, and says she’ll let him know a time and place for the bribe.

Patty meets with Dave. She tells him that she knows he’s manipulating the energy market. Dave tells Patty that he knows she’s going to bribe a judge. Patty says she knows she has an informant. She even knows that it’s Ellen.

Dave confirms this.

Dave tells Patty they can help each other. Dave offers to call off the Feds for good, but she has to call off the energy case. Patty says she wants Walter. Dave is fine with that.

Patty wants one more thing. “Ellen is going to bribe that judge. She acted on her own.”

Dave and Patty have a deal.

Ellen goes to her hotel room. Pete’s wife found a folder with Ellen’s name on it. It has pictures. And notes. Pete’s wife says that if Pete did something bad, it was for Patty, because everything he did was for Patty.

Ellen shows Wes the file, and says it’s evidence that Patty tried to have her killed. Ellen says she’s going to use the file to get Patty to confess.

Rick calls. He says he has new information for Ellen. Ellen says she’ll meet with him later. Then she tells Wes that Wes can’t be around today.

Bad FBI guy talks to Dave. Dave says all records of the investigation on Patty are to be destroyed, and Ellen needs to be arrested.

Patty talks to Ellen on the phone. They’re going to meet in three hours. The Bad FBI guy sets up a recording device, and says they need to have Patty authorize the bribe on-camera.

Ellen tells him that she knows the investigation is corrupt, but that they both want the same thing. She says she’s going to get Patty to confess to trying to kill her. FBI says Ellen can ask whatever she wants.

Tom goes to visit Patty, but he can’t get into the office. The security guard won’t let him in.

Ellen calls Wes, and says she called the gun guy. Wes says he won’t pick up the gun.

Ellen calls Tom. Ellen says that if he listens to her, she can get the FBI off his back.

Susie, in her work clothes, hears a knock at the door. She tells whoever it is to come in. It’s Walter. He wants information on Finn. She says she doesn’t know Finn, and he smacks her in the mouth. He tells her the next time he sees Finn, she needs to deliver a message.

Ellen calls Rick. They prepare to meet. Rick gets into his car, looks into his rear view mirror, and there’s Wes. Who shoots Rick in the back of the head.

Someone steps into Patty’s car and gives her a jump drive with the documentation needed to put Walter away.

Finn talks to Susie, and Susie tells Finn that Walter was the one that hit her. She tells him it’s a warning. If Finn talks, Walter will have him killed. Finn leaves.

Wes goes to see Ellen. Ellen reminds Wes that Wes isn’t supposed to be there.

Wes kisses Ellen. The next shot of them is in bed.

Ellen gets a call. Tom tells her, “Ten minutes.”

Wes asks who it was. Ellen won’t tell him. Wes asks again. Ellen’s not talking.

Ellen meets Tom. Tom gives her a gun, and says he wants the feds off his back.

Wes calls the front desk of the hotel and says he wants the room across the hall from Ellen.

Patty arrives at the hotel, and goes up to Ellen’s room. As she gets into the elevator, Finn jumps in with her. He says they can help each other. He’s ready to testify.

Patty says she’s made her decision.

Patty knocks on Ellen’s door. Ellen invites Patty in. She asks if the bag Patty has is “the money.” Patty says yes.

Ellen says they have some unfinished business they need to discuss. Ellen makes herself a drink, and tells Patty that Patty should be terrified. She shows Patty her gun. Then she shows Patty Pete’s “Ellen” folder.

Inside the folder are the words, “The Feds are Watching Us.”

She shoots at Patty twice. It looks like she misses. She does. She shot the FBI’s camera.

The FBI guy runs out of the van.

Ellen sets down her gun and finally asks the question: Did Patty try to have her killed?

Patty says the words: “I told Pete to have you killed.”

Ellen says, “Thank you, Patty.” Then Ellen picks up her gun. Patty wants Ellen to shoot her, but Ellen says Patty is going to have to live with this.

Patty tells Ellen to give the money to the judge.

Ellen puts the gun in her purse, then takes the money and walks out the door of her room. Wes comes out into the hallway, and sees Ellen go into the elevator, but he can’t catch her.

Ellen leaves the building.

Patty comes out of Ellen’s room, crying and bleeding.

Flashback! Patty talks with Finn. Finn stabs Patty.

Ray is “in” the elevator with Patty. He tells Patty there are things far worse than death. He says Patty has a chance to set things right. Ray tells Patty to go to Ellen. The truth is waiting for her.

End Flashback! Patty, bleeding and not in good shape, gets into the elevator.

Wes and Bad FBI guy look for Ellen. FBI finds Patty. He calls Dave. Dave says to leave Patty and go arrest Ellen.

Wes finds Patty.

Wes takes Patty to the hospital.

Ellen takes the bribe to the judge. The judge says the GPS codes will be allowed into evidence. The FBI guy arrests the judge and the FBI Guy.

The U.S. Marshall arrests the FBI Guy. Tom’s sister has a recording of Dave and Patty setting up Ellen.

Patty set the whooole thing up.

Dave gets arrested.

The FBI Guy wants to cut a deal.

1 Month Later: Patty is out at the beach house. Tom is there as well – he asks how Patty is doing.

He tells her that the EPA has started the cleanup in West Virginia. They can’t reach Ellen. She left the hotel, her cell phone is disconnected, and all of Tom’s emails have bounced back.

Ellen talks to David’s grave, and says she got what she needed from Patty for now.

Tom asks what Patty told Ellen. Patty tells Tom to let Patty know when Ellen calls.

Ellen says she has a new job offer, and that she met someone new.

Patty says, “She’ll be back. Trust me.”

Ellen walks away from David’s grave.

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