Thursday, January 21, 2010

Damages Season 2, Episodes 11 and 12

Here’s a question: Did Arthur actually perform a pump-and-dump on his old company? I don’t know that the show ever said that he did, or didn’t.

Mostly I’ve been puzzling over this because “Damages,” in its second season, has presented us with a surprise similar to the one they had in the first season:

In the first season, Ray was really the reason they managed to pull Arthur apart. Ray did wrong. As it turns out, Ray probably ended up doing a lot more wrong, on a person-to-person basis, than Arthur did. And we saw him do it, so we know it happened.

And now, here in the second season, it looks like David is pulling ALL the strings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows Rick.

So the question becomes: How bad is Walter, really? Who is the real big fish? Because we’re running out of episodes.

Episode 11

Damages Season 2, Episode 11 on Television Without Pity

Then: Ellen looks at photos of the deceased FBI agent. She’s talking to Bad Agent and his Bad Boss. Ellen is in shock. She asks if the FBI is suspicious. They said they were, but they couldn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing.

One Month Later: Ellen shoots Patty, Patty walks out to the elevator, and Bad Agent makes a call: “My informant just shot Patty Hewes.”


Then: Ellen sees Phil in the lobby of her hotel. She sees someone who is not Phil’s wife touching Phil. Phil says hello to Ellen. Ellen congratulates Phil on being first choice for energy secretary.

Ellen goes to Bad FBI guy and says that Ellen’s husband is having an affair. They debate whether or not to tell Patty. FBI guy says do nothing, for now.

Walter and Claire talk. Walter is emotional about his father and grandfather. Claire is nonplussed. Claire says she wants to apologize for asking about Walter’s business plans.

Tom talks to Ellen. Patty and Phil are going to be in a magazine. Ellen is warned that the magazine will be fishing for dirt.

Tom talks to the reporter. Tom tries to spin things well for Patty. Tom says, “off the record” that Patty doesn’t have any flaws.

Patty and Phil get ready for a photo shoot. Ellen brings Patty some forms to sign. The reporter says she’s love to talk to Ellen.

Phil and Patty get photographed together. What can I say? They do look smart and successful.

Ellen goes to talk to Patty. Patty has shut down Ellen’s search for evidence on Arthur. Patty tells Ellen that she’s shutting down the investigation while they are dealing with the FBI and UNR.

Ellen interviews a guy named Wilcox. She asks if he’s ever worked for Patty. He says no. Ellen tells him that her fiancé was murdered.

Claire meets with Purcell. She has a headache. And she’s angry with Walter. Purcell tells her the only thing to do is resign.

Claire wants to do something about Walter poisoning people in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, UNR has brought in a guy named Mitch. Apparently Mitch is very “ambitious.” Mitch is, of course, the guy who was sort of hitting on Claire the other night.

Walter meets with The Messenger. Walter tells The Messenger to make the SUV vanish.

Bald Security Guy (whose name is Malcolm) calls Patty and says no one has been to the car in days.

Phil tries to talk to Patty, but Patty is “distracted.”

The next day, Patty talks to Ellen. Ellen apologizes for her Arthur outburst. Patty is cold about the whole thing.

Claire meets with Mitch. She doesn’t think that UNR’s stock is going to recover. She tells Mitch that Walter is going to lose the suit. She says she doesn’t want to see Walter drive the company off a cliff.

She tells Mitch she thinks that Mitch could right the ship. It’s up to Mitch to make a power grab.

Claire meets up with Walter. She claims that Mitch is going to make a power grab. She tells Walter he needs to meet the problem head on.

Rick talks to a Balding Guy. He says he’s worried about Ellen, the loose end. Balding Guy tells Rick to clean up his own mess.

Wilcox talks to Ellen. He got information on the Bad Cop. He knows there’s corruption, but proving it is going to be expensive. Ellen says she’s willing to pay. Wilcox also says, “About that other thing. You were right,” and gives her some papers.

Ellen goes to work, and drops an unmarked envelope in the mail cart.

Ellen goes to see Patty, who was asking for her. The reporter wants to talk to Ellen. Ellen has a question: How DO Patty and Phil make it work. The new mail guy arrives. He’s got Ellen’s envelope.

Patty opens the envelope while Ellen sits in front of her and tells Ellen that marriage is all about trust and commitment.

Patty pulls out the pictures of Phil kissing another woman as she finishes her speech. Ellen asks if everything is okay, and Patty says it’s fine.

Ellen talks to the reporter. She tells the reporter that Patty and Phil are devoted to each other. And says that Patty is nothing less than an inspiration.

Walter confronts Mitch. Walter says that the FCC will be interested to know how Mitch made his first million.

The Messenger goes to locate the car that must be destroyed. It’s not there. He calls someone and says there’s a problem.

Patty, Ellen and Tom have the vehicle in a garage. He says the car has barely been used, but there’s a ton of Latitudes in the navigation system. They want a complete set of numbers.

Mitch meets with Claire. He says he can’t move against Walter. Claire says she understands. Mitch says that Claire should take over the company. Mitch has the votes – he just needs to send them to Claire.

Malcolm meets with Patty, and gives her the name of the girl Phil is cheating with. Malcolm starts to say that the pictures are a bad thing, but Patty knows that already. He also says that someone wanted to hurt Patty, and asks who that could be.

Michael and Jill talk. Michael says he never actually applied for college.

Phil and Patty and Michael talk. Phil says that Michael should be honest with his girlfriend.

Claire goes to see Purcell. Claire’s going to take over. And she wants Purcell to oversee the cleanup of the compound.

Claire goes to what is supposed to be Walter being deposed. All of the board is supposed to be there. They aren’t. It’s just Walter and Claire.

Claire tells Walter she knows about everything Walter has done.

According to Walter, an hour ago, the board voted to let Claire go. Because of her relationship with Purcell.

Walter tells Claire to go home. He sent her a present. So she goes home. There’s an envelope on the floor. In it is a recording of Claire and Purcell having extramarital relations.

Claire goes to Patty, and says she wants Walter taken down. She also tells Patty that Purcell wants to set things right now.

Ellen meets with Katie, and tells Katie that she hired her own investigator. Tom calls Ellen and tells Ellen to turn on the TV. Phil and Patty are about to go through a messy divorce.

Ellen didn’t leak the photos to the press: Patty must have done it.

Ellen goes to Patty’s place. Patty’s clothing is strewn everywhere. Patty tells Ellen that Ellen can take whatever she wants.

Michael is with his girlfriend. Phil is at a hotel.

Patty says she wasn’t as concerned about the affair. She’s more upset because Phil got caught. Got sloppy. Patty says she can’t figure out whether to thank Ellen or not, for sending her the pictures.

Ellen doesn’t say anything. Until she asks why Patty leaked the pictures to the press. Patty says, “That’s my business.”

Ellen asks why she’s here. Patty says she wants Ellen to know that, “Things may be required of us.” Patty goes on to say that, “This case is going to get ugly.”

Ellen is dismissed.

One Month Later: Ellen shoots Patty. Bad FBI guy arrests Ellen, who asks what the FBI guy is doing there.

Episode 12

Damages Season 2, Episode 12 on Television Without Pity

Then: Purcell is making breakfast. His daughter takes the dog outside for a walk. The dog runs away. The dog finds something and starts digging. It’s something that’s been burned.

5 ½ months earlier: Purcell burns a remote control.

Back to the so-called present: Purcell says he doesn’t know what it is.


Purcell comes home, and Walter is there. It seems that Purcell’s daughter doesn’t know who Walter is.

Purcell tells Walter that what Walter did to Claire is unforgivable, and he tells Walter to get off his property. Purcell reminds Walter that Walter is killing people in West Virginia. Walter says people die all the time, and reminds Purcell about his wife.

Ellen meets with a judge. She says Patty is willing to “extend herself” to make sure certain evidence is permissible. The judge tells Ellen that what Patty is asking for is highly unethical… but that he’s flexible.

Tom, Ellen and Patty talk about the GPS coordinates. They still don’t know what they’re for. Ellen tells Patty that the judge is flexible. Patty says that’s the only way they’ll get the codes into evidence.

Ellen asks how Patty is doing with the whole Phil thing. Patty says if you can’t trust someone, they’re worthless.

Dave talks to Walter. He wants to know how they managed to lose the car. Walter says if the information comes out, it won’t be admissible.

Dave is concerned about Purcell and Claire. Walter is not.

Phil talks to Patty, and sort of apologizes for cheating. He says he told Patty everything. Patty says he didn’t: He bought stock in UNR.

Phil is mad, because Patty had him investigated.

Patty wants to know who tipped Phil off about UNR’s stock going up. She wants to know if the same person tipped Phil off about Patty being investigated by the FBI.

Phil tells her it was the same guy. Patty wants a name. Phil gives Phil Dave’s name. Patty breaks stuff, and tells Phil to get out.

Phil says she’s going to fight Patty in court. She wishes him luck.

Purcell goes to visit Patty. He says he wants to help, because Walter came to his house. He confesses to taking money from Walter. Patty tells Purcell that Purcell is useless as a witness.

Purcell brings up the energy trader/brownouts connection. Purcell asks if there’s anything he can do. Patty asks how he is with codes.

Wes and Ellen walk in the woods. Ellen thinks they’re lost. Wes agrees. Wes goes to tie his shoe, and pulls a gun out of the back of his pants. He walks up behind Ellen, who’s looking for a dirt path.

He hands Ellen the gun and says, “Let’s see what you can do outside the range.” He has her shoot a tree. She’s gotten quite good.

Purcell works the codes.

5 ½ Months Earlier: Purcell tells his wife he gave in to UNR, to protect their daughter.

Post-Flashback: Purcell tells his daughter to go to bed.

Patty and Michael talk. Michael’s been staying with Jill. Patty says it’s not a healthy relationship. Michael doesn’t think Patty is a good one to judge. He says people either leave Patty or die.

Patty goes to Ellen and tells Ellen that she can’t talk to the Bad Judge. She thinks Ellen has a bright future, and doesn’t want Ellen getting involved. And she won’t tell Ellen who is going to handle it.

Ellen meets with the Bad FBI guy and says that she’s been shut out. Ellen thinks Tom is going to handle the bribe now. She tells the FBI Guy to arrest Tom for the “payoff” in the infant mortality case. Which didn’t happen.

Bad FBI guy is reluctant, but Ellen doesn’t think they have a choice.

At home, Purcell figures out the code.

The next day, Purcell takes the code to Patty. The codes each have a state letter, the time (military) and the day of the week. Each code corresponds to a trade from Finn.

Patty asks Purcell what’s wrong? Flashback to Purcell’s dead wife.

Patty eats lunch. Walter meets her. Patty asks if it was Walter’s plan to manipulate the energy market, or if it was Dave’s idea. Walter asks for a price. Patty says she wants Walter to clean up the compound and give the people affected some money. She mentions the GPS coordinates, and Walter points out that the evidence was stolen.

Walter leaves without ordering.

Patty, Tom and Ellen talk about the Walter meeting, and about Dave. Tom’s wife calls – she’s at five centimeters. Tom goes to get a cab. The FBI grabs him before he can get in.

The FBI asks about the payoff. Tom says it didn’t happen. Then they play a recording of Tom saying he’s “happy to help” and that “I’m going to give you this.”

The woman who was supposed to get the money shows up. She’s got an envelope that looks like the one she was supposed to get. Tom says he wants a lawyer.

Ellen walks in.

Ellen and Tom talk. Tom wants to know how long Ellen has been lying to him. Ellen says this is about Patty. Tom wants to call his wife. Ellen already did. Tom’s wife is fine.

Ellen wants Tom to give up Patty.

Ellen talks to the FBI. They got Tom to wear a wire. But Ellen doesn’t think he’ll go through with it. She thinks Tom should say he won’t do the bribing, so that Ellen has to do it.

Purcell and Michael talk. Purcell wants Michael to meet his half-sister. Purcell tells Michael that he and Patty went to court over custody. Michael says he’s sorry he never met Purcell’s wife.

Flashback! Purcell’s wife prepares to call the EPA, since Purcell won’t do it. Purcell goes to attack his wife. She throws a remote at his head.

Later, he makes a phone call to Wayne, and says they’re in trouble.

End Flashback! Michael and his half-sister meet.

Tom brings a baby photo to Patty. Patty congratulates Tom. Tom says they have to converse. Tom says he can’t bribe the judge. He blames the new kid. He also says that he doesn’t think Patty should do it either.

Patty says she always knew Patty would let him down. Yelling happens. Patty tells Tom to leave. He’s fired.

Tom takes his baby photo and goes.

Rick’s phone rings. Wes is calling. He says he’ll have to try again. He goes to his gun closet.

Wes meets Ellen in the lobby of her hotel and asks if can crash with Ellen. They’re “doing some work on his building.”

Purcell, in his car, calls Walter. Purcell tries to tell Walter about the nine circles of hell. Then he hangs up on Walter.

Purcell goes to the cops, and says he’s there about the murder of his wife.

Flashback: Purcell chokes his wife to death. Then he freaks out.

Post-flashback! Walter says they might have a problem on their hands. The Messenger asks if Purcell knows what happened that night.

Flashback! Walter talks to Wayne. Walter tells Wayne to call The Messenger and make it look like a robbery. The Messenger talks to Purcell in his car.

Then The Messenger goes into Purcell’s house, and says that Purcell’s wife is still alive. Walter says to finish it. The Messenger takes the ruby ring. Purcell’s wife asks for help. Then the screen goes black.

Post-flashback! Purcell tells a cop that he killed his wife.

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