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Damages Season 2: Episodes 3 and 4

Episode 3

Damages S 2: Ep 3 on Television Without Pity

Then: Claire asks Purcell if he killed his wife. Then she asks if Purcell’s wife knew about them.

Purcell tells her no, while footage plays that shows Purcell and his wife arguing.

Claire tells Purcell that someone leaked his toxicity findings, and Purcell tells Claire it was him. But won’t tell her why.

Tom and Patty talk. A dude named Walter is running the energy company that’s destroying the earth. Tom basically thinks it’s a great case, but wants to know what the deal is with Patty and Purcell.

Ellen and the FBI talk. They want to know why Tom didn’t pay. They want Ellen to back off on Tom and Patty for a while, so they can make sure they haven’t blown their cover.

Tom goes to his office and finds Purcell injecting insulin. Tom tries to prep Purcell to talk to the police. Purcell asks if they found any evidence as far as the murderer goes. Nope.

Ellen asks Patty to sit in while Purcell is questions. Patty says no.

A cop talks to Purcell. They ask about the earlier break-in, and he tells the cop about it. The cop asks if the killer was the same guy who broke in. Purcell says he doesn’t know.

The cop wonders if someone was targeting the wrong house. The cop asks Purcell to describe the killer again. And also, he wonders why the guy didn’t steal anything.

The cop shows Purcell pictures of the crime scene. Patty tells Purcell that Purcell doesn’t have to look, but Purcell says he wants to help. He looks at the pictures and discovers that one of his wife’s rings is missing – not a diamond, but a ruby.

The cop writes it down, but Purcell doesn’t like the guy’s attitude and asks if the cop thinks he killed his own wife? The cop says no. Then the cop asks if Purcell ever “laid a hand” on his wife. Purcell says no. The cop says that his wife filed a complaint with the state of New York three years ago that says otherwise.

Oh, and also there was a restraining order.

Both were sealed under court order. Purcell says they can’t use those files in a court of law.

Tom and Patty talk. The information really was sealed, which is why Patty and Tom didn’t find the information.

Meanwhile, Ellen tries to find the Patty/Purcell connection. She finds a file labeled IBC Global Summary, and reads it.

10 Years Ago: Patty asks Purcell a bunch of questions about a chemical, and whether it is/was safe. There’s a bunch of other people in the room. Patty produces a letter to Purcell’s daughter’s day care provider.

Katie calls Ellen and asks when Ellen is showing up. Ellen is late. Katie appears to have a new boyfriend.

Tom talks to Ellen. First about Katie, and then about the IBC Global case. Purcell was a key witness against Patty. Ellen thinks that’s strange.

At the park, Claire talks to Wayne. She appears to think Wayne is the reason for Purcell’s wife being dead. Wayne says he thinks Purcell did it.

Wayne talks to Walter about Claire and Purcell. Walter wants to up security at all facilities, otherwise he doesn’t seem worried.

Purcell goes to see Patty in the office. Ellen bumps into him and says she’s sorry about Purcell’s wife.

Patty talks to Purcell and says she doesn’t believe a word he says. Purcell claims that he’s told Patty everything he knows. She makes him take a lie detector test.

The lie detector guy asks Purcell a bunch of questions – including, “Did you kill your wife?” and, “Do you really think your wife’s ruby ring was stolen?”

And now we’re in West Virginia, with some dude looking at a dead pig. His name is Josh. He talks to the owner. He wants to know how the pig died. He’s wondering if the water has contamination from the coal plant.

Ellen talks to Nye about the IBC case. Nye was part of the defense.

10 Years Ago: Purcell wrote a letter to his daughter’s day care provider. The contaminant was present, in lower numbers than what Purcell judged as “safe,” for his company. Patty basically crushes him in the deposition.

Six Months Ago: Nye suspects that Patty paid Purcell the blow his testimony, because it was Patty’s first case on her own.

Patty calls the FBI and tells them this information. She’s left them five messages.

Michael tells Patty to stay away from Purcell. Michael thinks Purcell killed his wife.

Joshua calls Purcell. Purcell sees the number and lets Josh leave a message. Josh says that, “things are getting worse down here.”

Patty and Purcell talk. The results on the polygraph were inconclusive. Purcell admits there’s a lot more that he hasn’t been saying. But he knows as soon as he gives any more information to Patty, she’ll push him aside to pursue a conspiracy. Patty says he’ll get Purcell a good defense attorney, and walks away.

Michael goes to see Ellen. He asks Ellen to read his application essay.

Purcell gets into a cab. Claire is in the cab. Claire says that Purcell can’t trust Wayne.

Claire tells Purcell that he needs to take his daughter and leave the country.

Ellen talks to Patty. She wants to know why they’re defending Purcell. Patty says she needed an expert witness, so she was referred to Purcell. Then things went… well. I guess.

Until 10 years ago. Patty asks if Ellen thinks Patty paid off Purcell.

10 Year Ago: Patty offers Purcell and envelope. Purcell says he threw the deposition because it was the right thing to do.

Six Months Ago: Patty tells the FBI that she thinks Michael is Purcell’s kid.

10 Years Ago: Purcell thanks Patty for “these.” Purcell says he always wanted a son, he just didn’t know he actually had one. Purcell wants to know why he’s finding out about his son post-thrown-testimony.

This makes Purcell mad.

Six Months Ago: Tom tells Patty that Purcell was arrested boarding a plane at JFK.

Somewhere with a fence, Joshua breaks through said fence and takes a water sample.

Patty questions Purcell. He wants to know why Purcell tried to leave. Patty wants to know what Purcell knows. Purcell wants Patty to defend him. He says he wants a retainer from Patty. Patty pulls out some paperwork and has Purcell sign it. Then Patty signs it.

Purcell says there’s a reporter that Patty needs to meet. He’s talking about Joshua, who just got back to his jeep, and discovered that he’s got a flat tire.

He goes to change it, and two guys beat him up and take some of Josh’s stuff.

Tom and Patty talk. Patty was the one who ratted out Purcell about leaving the country.

As the ‘sode ends, a dude sells a ruby ring at a pawn shop.

Episode 4

Damages S 2: Ep 4 on Television Without Pity

Then: Purcell has a dream where he can’t get a plate clean inside the house, while his wife, who is sitting on a swing, is attacked outside the house. He wakes up in jail.

Ellen and Patty talk – Ellen and Tom are going to find Josh, who is missing.

Now! Ellen talks to whoever it is she’s talking to in that room. She puts a gun in her purse just as the person comes in. Ellen asks if “that’s the money.”

She shoots the person, then walks out of the hotel room with a briefcase.

Patty talks to the cop and the attorney who are going to take Purcell down. She tells them to find the ring, or she will.

Outside, Patty’s bald guy hands a bunch of people pictures of the ring and tells them to find it.

Somewhere, at night, the dude who sold the ring gives the money to a woman and a little girl who I guess is his daughter. The woman gets mad at him, and says there’s no way he only got $300 for the ring.

Dude’s name is Kevin.

Purcell meets with his daughter in jail. Patty is sitting one table over. Purcell nods Patty to the table. Erica, the daughter, wants to know when Purcell is coming home. Patty says she’s doing her best.

In West Virginia, Ellen and Tom drive and talk about bluegrass and the fact that they’re lost.

Ellen asks if Tom “sees that.” They get out of their car, and see a huge bonfire. It smells bad, even though they’re far away.

Also in West Virginia, Wayne and Walter talk. Walter’s driver comes up and talks about Joshua, and how he’s been in contact with Purcell. Wayne says Purcell is under control.

Walter wants the water sample back.

Bald Guy calls Patty, and tells her they found the ring.

Ellen and Tom go to Josh’s place. It’s been broken into and ransacked.

Patty gives the cop the ring, and a security camera shot of the guy who pawned the ring.

The cop says he’ll look into this. The cop says he still doesn’t believe Purcell.

Kevin goes to a shop, pulls out a gun, and sticks up his friend. His friend gives him all the money in the register.

Michael talks to his stepfather, Phil, about a dream Phil had.

10 Years Ago: Patty discovers that Purcell filed for custody. They talk. Threats are made.

Five Months Ago: Patty talks to Purcell, and tells Purcell they found the ring. Patty says she’s going to get him out of jail. Purcell says he needs to redraft his will.

Ellen and Tom talk to Josh’s editor. He sent Josh to cover a basketball game. Ellen and Tom don’t buy it. The editor apologizes, and says that Josh is a smart kid who tries hard, but that Josh is wrong about a nearby energy plant killing livestock.

A cop gives the other cop (who is actually a detective) the information that Kevin has been brought in for robbing his own cousin.

The detective tells Patty that he was wrong. They found the guy who sold the ring, and he matches Purcell’s description.

They do a lineup. Purcell looks at the suspects. He fingers the dude who pawned the ring.

Then he gets out of jail. His daughter is there to meet him. Patty is happy.

Claire meets with Walter. Claire says she thinks Wayne had something to do with Purcell’s wife. She wants Walter to cut all ties with Wayne.

She asks if “they” had anything to do with the murder.

Some guy tells Wayne that Kevin has been caught. He tells Wayne that he needs instructions. Wayne gives obtuse instructions.

Tom and Ellen call Patty and say they’re looking for Josh. Ellen goes to her room. Tom goes to buy a Mr. Pibb.

Josh finds Ellen and asks if they can talk somewhere safe.

Josh tells them that the livestock are dying, and leukemia rates are through the roof. And he gives them the water sample.

Wayne’s man meets some other dude in prison. He wants to “deliver a message.”

At home, Patty talks to Michael. She says she “wants to talk to him about something.”

Purcell tells Patty that they have the water sample. Purcell agrees to test it. She also needs Purcell to testify against his company.

Patty tells Purcell that they’ve told Michael about him. Michael would like to meet Purcell. Purcell would like to meet Michael.

They meet. They talk, while a bunch of music plays, so you can’t hear them. They seem to get along well.

Patty talks to the guy who was going to prosecute Purcell. She tells him she doesn’t think Kevin acted alone.

In the prison yard, the “messenger” shivs Kevin.

Tom and Josh drive to the airport, only they’re stopped by the cops, who think they are “in possession of stolen property.”

Tom steps out of the car. The cop goes to search their stuff. Josh asks what’s up.

Ellen steps into Patty’s office. She has the water. She and Tom split up. Smart people.

In court, Patty and Claire fight it out. Patty wants that paperwork back, to prove wrongdoing. The judge wants to hear why Purcell sought to come forward. Purcell is brought up on the witness stand. Questioning happens.

Purcell shafts Patty. He says that UNR doctored nothing: The results are clean.

In flashback, Purcell dumps the water sample.

The judge throws Patty out of court. He does all but shout, “Shame!” as he does so.

Patty is mad. This isn’t going to be good for Purcell. At all.

In flashback again, Purcell dumps the water, and we learn that Wayne was standing next to him. And tells him that Purcell’s first “wire transfer” went through. Yes indeedy, Purcell was paid off.

Three Weeks Earlier: Wayne’s messenger and Kevin are in Purcell’s car. The messenger gives Kevin the rings and tells him to pawn it after a couple of days.

Then The Messenger tells Purcell to go into the house and dial 911.

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