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Damages Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6

Episode 5

Damages S2 Ep 5 on Television Without Pity

Then: As we open, Patty and Ellen are at a spa, getting spa’ed up. Ellen sorta-kinda says she’s sorry that Purcell turned on Patty. Patty says that Purcell was a pawn – they’re really going after the energy company.

Purcell talks to someone about selling his house.

Five Weeks Earlier: Purcell’s wife tells Purcell he needs to do something about the company hurting people. Later, in the car, Purcell tells his wife he cut a deal with UNR, the energy company. Even later, in the house, his wife says she’ll stop “them,” even if Purcell won’t.

On the TV, Walter says, “I’m merging UNR with another company.”

In Patty’s office, Patty and Tom and Ellen realize that if the merger goes through, UNR will have twice the legal power to stop them from bringing them to justice. So they’re going to try to stop the merger.

Patty tells Tom to get her all the legal info on UNR, and Tom asks Patty if she asked Ellen about “something.” Tom has been with the firm ten years, so Patty is throwing a party at her place. Ellen is invited – assuming she’s not freaked out about returning to the place where she was almost murdered.

Walter talks to the energy commission people about the environmental impact of the merger. Walter has brought Purcell to say, “Hey, it’s going to be fine! We checked out the environmental impact, and it’s all good.” Only in science-speak.

Ellen talks to the FBI. If she goes to the party, they want her to record it.

Patty takes her allegations to the energy commission, and tells them to stall.

Walter talks to his Messenger. The Messenger says that the energy guy is clean – so they can’t blackmail him. The Messenger guy is sent away for now.

Later that night, Walter gets roasted. While wearing a dress.

In the bathroom, Walter punches the guy who roasted him in the kidney. And then cracks his face on the urinal. A large black man asks Walter if he can help Walter with his “merger problem.”

Ellen goes to the party. She meets Tom’s wife. She has flashbacks to the night she was attacked.

Ellen goes out with Wes and practices shooting at a target. She tells Wes that someone tried to kill her, and she never wants to feel vulnerable again. They agree to get together the next week for more shooting lessons.

Wes calls someone and tells them that Ellen wants to learn how to use a gun.

Now: Wes comes to Ellen’s hotel room. She asks if he’s all right. He comes in, they kiss, the door closes.

Then: Phil leaves the office, and bumps into Dave – Dave was the man who asked Walter about his “merger problem.”

Phil asks how Dave likes life in the private sector. Dave tells Phil there’s “something he should know.”

Phil talks to Patty that night. He informs Patty that she’s probably under investigation, and that she needs to make sure there’s nothing out there they can hang her with.

Patty talks to Uncle Pete, who tells her that he doesn’t leave loose ends. He says Ellen is the only problem.

Patty goes to talk to Ellen about the infant mortality case. Ellen says that someone in grief counseling referred the woman who wanted a payoff. Patty says she was worried that someone was trying to set Ellen up. And that something about the case never felt right.

Ellen talks to the FBI, and says that Patty seems paranoid. They’re on the street. Someone appears to be following them.

Patty asks her husband to look over a UNR financial report. He’s off to London.

Patty tells the team they need to get everything they can on UNR as fast as possible. Ellen checks her phone while she’s talking. Patty calls Ellen into her office – she wants to know who was so important that Ellen had to check her phone.

Phil checks out the UNR paperwork. There’s someone in his hotel room. Someone… uh… special, I guess. Phil asks her to look at the numbers. She says she can look later. Then she kisses Phil.

At Patty’s place, Patty talks to Michael. Michael’s writing his college essay about Purcell.

Patty talks to the energy commission. They’ve seen something that makes them want to kill the merger.

Dave goes to visit energy commission guy. He says it’s about “his career.”

Ellen tells the FBI that she thinks she’s being followed. And that Patty asked about the infant mortality case again.

The FBI says there’s a good chance the operation is over.

The dude following Ellen meets with Wes. He gives Wes pictures of Ellen with the FBI guys – but he doesn’t know what they are for sure.

Patty goes to talk to environmental guy. The merger was approved. Patty is mad.

Walter talks to Purcell, and tells Purcell the merger is going through. Walter says he sees big things in Purcell’s future.

Purcell tells Walter that Walter is going to clean up the mess in West Virginia. Walter says it’s already happening. He also says that “whatever happened with Purcell’s wife is over.”

Purcell walks away.

Uncle Pete checked into the “plaintiff” on the infant mortality case. The hospital records check out. But the plaintiff is the wrong color. The real Monique is white, not black. I’m sure that the real FBI enjoys looking like a bunch of dopes.

Uncle Pete tells Patty that Ellen is a liability.

Patty talks to Ellen. Ellen is wired. She tells Patty she was approached by the FBI. The FBI is listening. They say this wasn’t the plan.

Ellen tells Patty that she thinks the infant mortality case was a setup.

She asks who else the FBI might approach.

The FBI meets with Ellen. They are not pleased with Ellen’s choice.

Uncle Pete meets with the guy who tried to kill Ellen. He survived being stabbed. Pete gives the guy a bunch of money and tells him to get out of town.

Purcell sold his place.

In the past, Purcell tells his wife not to go to the police. Then Purcell calls The Messenger. The Messenger asks for the keys to Purcell’s home, and tells Purcell to park his car. “In twenty minutes, this will all be over,” he says.

Phil talks to Patty, and tells her that the energy merger makes no financial sense.

Patty tells Phil that Patty knows she’s under investigation.

At a crime scene, Rick examines a body, then eats a cheeseburger. And then he talks to Wes. Wes tells Rick that he thinks Ellen is talking to the FBI.

Now! Wes gets some guns, and cancels a flight. He asks if he can crash with Ellen, because they’re “doing some work at his buidling.”

Five months ago, we’re looking at a car, a gun goes off, there’s a bullet hole in the windshield, and Wes gets out.

Episode 6

Damages S2 Ep 6 on Television Without Pity

Then! Ellen meets up with Katie at Ellen’s apartment. They’re going to a movie with Katie’s new boyfriend.

Katie gives Ellen the security deposit for her old apartment. Katie’s parents packed up all of David’s stuff. Things are ready to be moved into storage.

Ellen thinks she should go back one last time. Katie doesn’t think Ellen should put herself through that.

Patty is on the news again. She’s going after Walter and UNR on air. She even calls Walter a corporate thug.

She even claims that Walter is responsible for Purcell’s wife’s death, though she doesn’t use names.

Claire talks to Walter, and says they need to shut Patty up. Their stock price fell today. Claire wants to sue Patty.

7 Weeks Earlier: Walter talks to The Messenger. He tells The Messenger to do something, but we don’t know what.

Tom wants to know why Patty mentioned Purcell’s wife’s murder. Patty says to make it personal. She wants information on Claire.

In a bedroom somewhere, Claire asks why Purcell never told her about Patty. She says he probably won’t see her again. Things have gotten “complicated.” Claire leaves.

Katie calls Ellen at the office. Katie was robbed. She fills out a report with the police. At the station, she sees a cop. She remembers the cop. He was in plainclothes, and he was following her.

She goes to take a picture with her phone, and he looks over at Katie.

Katie talks to Ellen. She’s freaking out. Ellen says she’ll figure out if the guy is tied to Arthur.

Ellen talks to the FBI. She tells them they have to look into a cop, since it ties to Ellen’s fiancé’s murder. They say they can’t help.

Ellen goes to Patty, and gives Patty the picture Katie took. Patty says she’ll help.

Katie’s follower talks to Rick, and says Katie saw him. Rick says to do nothing, Rick will handle the rest.

Dave goes looking to buy a car. He offers to pay cash: Sticker Price.

Dave drives the vehicle to someplace in the city.

Patty tells Ellen that the UNR paid too much for the merger. Ellen asks if Patty is worried about the FBI looking into Patty. Patty says she’s in the mood for a fight.

Dave goes to visit Walter at an art museum. They talk merger for about a second. Then Dave gives Walter some keys.

Walter goes to a ballet, and runs into Arthur. Arthur tells Walter that Walter shouldn’t try to take on Patty. Just do whatever she says.

Walter calls Claire and says to sue Patty.

Tom fill Patty in on Claire. Claire was hand-picked by Walter. She’s really, really, really great at her job. There are rumors of a relationship between Claire and Walter.

Patty gets served. Court papers. Defamation suit. 200 million dollars.

Ellen goes to visit her old apartment. Everything is boxed up. Ellen finds an open box and pulls out a picture of herself and David. Then she walks through the rest of the apartment.

She bumps into the president of the co-op board – that creepy dude who fixed the light bulb. He gives her a gift bag that got dropped off after Ellen and David left.

Ellen opens the note. It’s from David.

Patty, Walter, Tom and Claire all meet up with a legal mediator who wants them to come to terms.

In the office, Patty asks if Ellen wants to have lunch. They eat Chinese food. Ellen asks if it’s hard for Phil to be away all the time. Then Ellen asks about the defamation suit.

Walter gives The Messenger a set of keys and some information.

Ellen talks to Katie, and tells her that she went back to the apartment. And got a wedding present from David. She hasn’t opened it yet.

Claire and Walter talk. Claire thinks Patty is trying to drive their stock down so she can have their stockholders sue Walter and Company. She thinks they need to settle, like, NOW.

Katie goes to visit the cops. Rick sees her.

4 Months Later: Rick is sitting in his car when Ellen walks by. She heads into a building. The building. The one where Ellen shoots someone-or-other.

Rick goes to a room, listens at the door, and lets himself in.

Then! Claire joins Walter and crew at dinner. She meets a guy named Mitch.

Walter goes to “make a call.” Claire goes to “stretch her legs.” They meet at the bar. Walter tells Claire to give Mitch a chance. Claire wants Walter to answer her about settling the defamation suit.

Walter says to settle.

Ellen and Katie talk. Katie filed a complaint with the citizen’s review board. Patty tells Katie they have information on the bad guy, but it’s going to take time to tie him to Arthur.

Katie and Ellen argue about how, if Ellen hadn’t taken a job with Patty, David would still be alive. The argument ends badly.

At some random room, Claire asks a tattooed guy to zip her up. She pulls out a cigarette. She says she only smokes one. At the end of every day. Ah – tattooed guy was the waiter where Walter and crew were just eating.

In the middle of somewhere, The Messenger gets into the vehicle David bought and drives away.

Patty, Tom, Claire and Walter try to agree on a settlement price to go to the charity of Walter’s choice. They agree to five million dollars. Walter wants it to go to the NRA. No, apparently that’s a joke. It’s going to Environment First, a local environmental group.

Patty and Tom leave – they’re happy to have paid five million to charity.

Claire and Walter get ready to leave, when, surprise! They get served. They being sued by a major UNR shareholder. It’s Arthur.

Patty tells Arthur she’s glad they can help each other out.


Ellen calls Katie to apologize for their fight. She’s about to open her wedding gift from David when her phone rings. It’s Patty.

Patty tells Ellen that they found a shareholder to sue Walter. She doesn’t say who it is.

The bad cop talks to Rick about the fact that Katie filed a complaint. Rick says they need to do what they should have done a long time ago. Then Rick shoots the Bad Cop. Twice.

4 Months Later: The hotel room. Rick walks in. Ellen is in the shower. Rick puts a silencer on his gun. Ellen asks if it’s Wes.

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